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  1. Quote to Inspire - "When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest." ― Henry David Thoreau.
  1. Stay Safe. Be Creative. - We're sanitizing our keyboards and posting regular song challenges on our SongUNews Facebook page. Play along with us for opportunities to WIN FREE TIME!
  1. Have You Used the Virtual Writer's Room Yet? - It's a fun and convenient way to meet up with collaborators in our audio/video/text enabled e-classroom. Record and download your writing session. Available 24-7 (first come, first serve). Use link under My Activity.
  1. Thanks! Your Kind Words are Music to Our Ears! - Roger Brantley (LA) on 3/13: "Hello, This is a VERY competitive business as you know but it is encouraging to know that a song I wrote "Southern Life" is a " Maybe" to get pitched for a major artist! Thank you SongU Team!! I know you are busy but wanted to let you know that I have several people pitching my Songs and YOU are by far the most Professional, Kind, efficient group that ALWAYS responds and clearly has a CRAZY work ethic! You know as well as I do that that is what inevitably leads to success! I LOVE IT!"

    Alina V. (FL) on 3/18 - To Diona DeVincenzi, FDBK 225-Indie, Film-TV, Production Feedback: "I was a first time user of the e-classroom and enjoyed being able to participate in the course."

    Alex H. (Scotland) on 3/20 - To Sara Light, FDBK 210-Song Feedback: "Many thanks for filling in, Sara, and also for the great feedback. Listened to the full transcript today and enjoyed it. Nice to see more Scots in Songu. I hope Lisa is OK."

    Jane H. (U.K.) on 3/23 - "I’m enjoying getting ideas, feedback and inspiration as with the virus escalating now my co writers and I can’t meet to work on our new stuff so online is definitely a way forward and I’ve had some good food for thought from the coaching reviews and the two on line classes I’ve attended on the songs particularly the ones that need some work. I’ll look forward to another class soon. Kindest regards and stay safe."

    Shawn F. (NJ) on 3/25 - To Bob Dellaposta, FDBK 315 Publisher Song Feedback: "Bob always brings his 'A' game. He has a very honest and passionate approach to helping. You can really tell he loves what he does. Even if I don't agree with him on every point. I can still understand where he is coming from."

    Brad Y. (NY) on 3/26 - To Marcia Ramirez, FDBK 140 Song Feedback: "Marcia has been one of my "go-tos" for a long time now. Really appreciate her take. I count her as a friend besides. Benn is always there to keep us straight. Sara, Danny, and Martin, the whole SongU community is an avid, major part of my writing track. Thanks so very much guys!!"

    Ricki B. (WI) on 3/27- To Nancy Peacock & Queenie Mullinex, FDBK 330 Sync Production Feedback: "Always awesome!"


  1. Gold Stars Report! December 6, 2019 to March 6, 2020 - CONGRATULATIONS to the following members who received notes of interest for their songs from 12/6/2019 - 3/6/2020 and are having their songs pitched by SongU.com pitch guests for the following leads:

    #1738 NOMA MUSIC ▪ Rick Lane

    #1758 LOGAN ASHLEY ▪ Carol Hashe rainone

    #1771 DAVE HARTNEY ▪ Adam Avery ▪ James Hoppe ▪ Bill Ohanlon ▪ Mathew Pownall ▪ John Prichard ▪ Gregory d Putnam ▪ Jeff Roe ▪ D Toomey ▪ Andrew Trotter ▪ Rita Weyls ▪ Brad Yunek

    #1772 TIM DUGGER ▪ Priscilla Connolly ▪ Brad Mckinney ▪ Brad Yunek

    #1775 UNIVERSAL LOVE SONGS FOR FILM & TV ▪ Joey Hatcher

    #1776 TRADITIONAL COUNTRY FOR 3 ARTISTS ▪ Amy Barnett (2 songs) ▪ Ricki Bellos ▪ Bob Clay ▪ Carol Hashe rainone ▪ Matthew Soileau ▪ Chelsie Taylor ▪ Rita Weyls (4 songs) ▪ Brad Yunek

    #1777 LARRY FLEET ▪ Bill Ohanlon ▪ Matthew Soileau ▪ Jamie Trent

    #1782 SONIE KUHLMAN ▪ Shimmer Johnson ▪ Kenneth Riggins ▪ Chelsie Taylor ▪ D Toomey

    #1783 VALENTINES DAY COMMERCIALS ▪ Marcia Morgan

    #1784 COMPETITION TV SERIES ▪ Rachel Amidei ▪ King Fernand (3 songs) ▪ Bill Gue ▪ James Hoppe ▪ Kimberly Jakubicki ▪ Ben Krahne ▪ Pablo Navarro-maclochlainn

    #1785 COLT FORD ▪ Elvira Cawthon ▪ Shawn Fitzgerald (2 songs) ▪ David Johnson ▪ Brad Mckinney
  1. Continued...Gold Stars Report! December 6, 2019 to March 6, 2020 - Continued CONGRATULATIONS to the following members who received notes of interest for their songs from 12/6/2019 - 3/6/2020 and are having their songs pitched by SongU.com pitch guests for the following leads:

    #1786 ALAN JACKSON ▪ Robbi Atkins ▪ Al Lama ▪ D Toomey

    #1787 IZABELLA DAMRON ▪ Loralei Ells ▪ James Hoppe ▪ Brad Mckinney ▪ Mitch Townley

    #1789 INTERNATIONAL RADIO AIRPLAY ▪ Rachel Amidei (2 songs) ▪ Rick Burge (2 songs) ▪ Wayne Gamache ▪ Mary Haller (2 songs) ▪ Brenda Kornblum ▪ Frode Lindanger ▪ Brad Mckinney (2 songs) ▪ Marcia Morgan ▪ Pat Shea ▪ Mitch Townley (2 songs) ▪ Pat Travers (2 songs) ▪ Timothy Williams

    #1790 JUSTIN LONG ▪ Adam Avery ▪ Elvira Cawthon ▪ Mary Haller ▪ Brad Mckinney (2 songs) ▪ Bill Ohanlon ▪ Mitch Townley

    #1794 NETFLIX TV SHOW ▪ Trinayan Baruah ▪ Adam Clouse ▪ Noel Cohen ▪ King Fernand

    A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the MAYBES too! Keep up the *Gold Star* work everyone!
  1. Gold Stars Report: Special Addition! - Christian Music - We've gotten so much positive response and placements from Nashville music publisher, Dallas Gregory, that this category stands alone. CONGRATULATIONS to the following members who received notes of interest for their songs from December 6, 2019 - March 6, 2020: #1773 VARIOUS CHRISTIAN & POSITIVE COUNTRY ARTISTS ▪ Robbi Atkins (2 songs) ▪ Donna Aylor (2 songs) ▪ Garland Bost ▪ Steve Bryant ▪ Rick Burge (2 songs) ▪ Danny Busby (3 songs) ▪ Elvira Cawthon ▪ Noel Cohen ▪ Mitchell Collins ▪ John Condrone ▪ Priscilla Connolly ▪ Donald Eidman ▪ Darsi Eveland (2 songs) ▪ Jerry Glidewell (3 songs) ▪ Ben Gregg ▪ Bill Gue ▪ Bill Havens (3 songs) ▪ Damien Hosken ▪ Kimberly Jakubicki ▪ Ralph Jeswald ▪ Jim Karns ▪ Pat Kelley ▪ Ronald Klabunde ▪ Ben Krahne ▪ Krystal Kuehn (4 songs) ▪ Thomas Laflesh ▪ Abigail Marmion ▪ Karen Mitchell ▪ Tommy Patterson (2 songs) ▪ Russ Pruitt (2 songs) ▪ Phillip Sandifer (3 songs) ▪ Douglas Stanglin ▪ Chelsie Taylor ▪ Michael Taylor (2 songs) ▪ Jamie Trent ▪ Dori Weaver ▪ Rita Weyls (2 songs) ▪ Buc Williams ▪ Crissy Wix ▪ Cari lynn York (2 songs) ▪ Stacey Young ▪ Brad Yunek
  1. Got Good News? - We love it when our own members are out there slugging away against the big music industry beast and winning some battles. Your achievements inspire all of us. Please let us know about it. View more MEMBER SUCCESSES and SUBMIT YOUR OWN GOOD NEWS HERE!
Instructor-Led Courses This Week. 

  1. Wed Apr 01, 2020 09:00 PM (ET) FDBK 320 Publisher Song Feedback and Mentoring with Debbie Zavitson
  1. Thu Apr 02, 2020 08:00 PM (ET) FDBK 160 Song and Production Feedback and Mentoring with Justin Morgan
  1. Sat Apr 04, 2020 12:00 PM (ET) FDBK 315 Publisher Song Feedback and Mentoring with Bob Dellaposta
  1. Mon Apr 06, 2020 01:00 PM (ET) FDBK 101 Bend Benns Ear with Benn Cutarelli
  1. Tue Apr 07, 2020 08:00 PM (ET) FDBK 205 Song Feedback and Mentoring II with Alan Roy Scott

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