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  1. What Is SongU.com?
    SongU.com provides multi-level song writing courses developed by award-winning songwriters, song feedback, mentoring, one-on-one song coaching, co-writing, unscreened pitching opportunities and more. You will find all the tools you need to succeed as a songwriter -- all online. Wherever you are, we’ll bring the music industry to you.

    It started July 2003 back in the dark ages before Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube
    Long ago in Nashville, TN, Danny Arena, a professional songwriter who also happened to have an M.S. in Computer Programming and his wife, Sara Light, also a professional songwriter with an M.Ed in English had, in the immortal words of Oprah, an “aha moment!” They asked themselves, “Why not combine our unique skill set and create an ONLINE school for songwriters providing everything we wished we had access to back in the days when we had to walk barefoot in the snow from NJ to TN with no clue? Why not give back to up-and-coming songwriters in the same way that our mentors guided us? Why don’t we provide songwriters around the world with easy access to the same songwriting classes and song coaching that we offer in our on-ground seminar? Why not ask our pro songwriter friends to contribute their skills? Why not call it SongU (as in Song University)?” Happily, singer-songwriter, educator and database guru, Martin Bell, completed our creative team and we set the wheels in motion. That’s how SongU.com became the first online education program for songwriters.

    What is the SongU.com philosophy?
    The guiding philosophy at SongU.com is that education empowers you as a songwriter and increases your chances to succeed at meeting your goals. That is why our Platinum members includes access to all our multi-level Instructor-Led (Live) and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) courses for no additional cost, including an entire track of song feedback and mentoring sessions that meet several times a week. Rather than simply throwing money into demoing songs and then pitching them, we focus on courses, coaching, and co-writing to help each writer make every song the best it can be – and to make sure that they are writing at a level that is competitive with other successful writers. Just to be clear, SongU.com is not, and has never been, a pitching service. Pitching is simply part of our educational program. We include pitching opportunities for our members because we feel that learning to pitch songs, dealing with rejection or having success is part of the educational process. We believe one of the reasons our members have been successful with pitching at SongU.com is because of our focus on the writer, their education and making each song the best it can be.

    Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes
    Just as music is constantly evolving, so too is fast-paced technology. So, by necessity, SongU.com has continued to evolve every single year since 2003. Being able to keep the technology current for an international online school with instructor-led web-based classes, song feedback, and community shared over many internet platforms, computers, and browsers has been no small feat. We’ve persevered through dial-up to high-speed, through text-based chatrooms to audio-enabled meeting rooms, from desktops to tablets, and on and on. During it all our members stayed true, many of them sticking with us year after year, exceeding our expectations as they achieved their goals, giving us the props and encouragement to carry on. Admittedly, we’re proud of this accomplishment. We’d like to invite you to join us as we continue to develop and grow, live and learn. And we hope you allow SongU.com to become a supportive, fun and rewarding community for you

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