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$6.95 monthly
$19.95 quarterly (best value)

Lite Membership

$6.95 monthly
$19.95 quarterly (best value)

Live Small-Group Song Feedback Courses

Experience the power of live song feedback sessions led by accomplished hit songwriters, music publishers, and songpluggers. Join these highly-rated and member recommended, small-group interactive audio/video sessions, where you'll receive invaluable feedback on your songs. Network with music industry professionals and meet potential co-writers. Multiple sessions offered each week (including GMT-friendly times and recorded feedback for international members).

Song Locker for Easy Song Storage

Upload your songs one time and have easy, direct access for pitching, song evaluations, private sessions and more.

Street Pitches - Song Pitching Opportunities with Guaranteed Response

At SongU.com, we offer exclusive open-door Street Pitch opportunities that guarantee your songs will be heard by industry professionals with invaluable connections. SongU.com acts solely as a facilitator in the pitch process and does not participate in the publishing or licensing of songs.

Fast Track Pitches - Song Pitching Opportunities

Fast-track pitches offer a platform where you can submit your songs directly to key music industry players. By connecting with artists, managers, music publishers, producers, and other industry professionals, you have the opportunity to showcase your talent and make connections. Any response or feedback from the guests will only be sent to you if they express genuine interest in your song.

Fast-Track opportunities are exclusive to Platinum Members although Lite members may use their free monthly pitch for Fast Track pitch opportunities

Free Loyalty Credits

As a thank-you, all Platinum members receive free SongU credits periodically for continuing membership.

Idea-Generator CreIdea-Generator Creativity Tool™

Jumpstart your creJumpstart your creativity or get assistance when you hit writer's block. This tool can generate lists of rhymes, synonyms or ideas to ignite your potential.>

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Courses

Discover a diverse catalog of 24/7 available songwriting courses to enhance your skills. Explore Composition, Lyric Writing, Music Business, Commercial Songwriting, Production, and Sync Licensing.

DIY Courses are included with all memberships. Strengthen, refine, and review essential songwriting skills. Easy-to-follow text-based courses with 4-6 lessons, examples, and activities.

Podcast (Webcast) Courses

Discover a diverse catalog of 24/7 available and engaging podcast offerings to enhance your skills. Explore Composition, Lyric Writing, Music Business, Commercial Songwriting, Production, and Sync Licensing.

Podcast Courses (included with Platinum membership. Engage with video and audio formats. Comprehensive transcripts, handouts, and summaries from "live" songwriting classes. Available for 5 credits (1 credit = $1) for Lite members.

Personal Member Website

Every member gets a unique customizable member website with a personalized URL to professionally showcase and share your songs, photo, bio, and any other important information. See it in action (opens in a new window).

Written Song Evaluations and Critiques

Our Song Evaluation service offers comprehensive essential written feedback on your music and lyrics from your choice of our award-winning professional coaches. (1 credit = $1)

 Cost of Song EvaluationLite
Comprehensive - Detailed written evaluation with letter grades for each category. This is an ideal choice for first-time song submissions or when seeking in-depth feedback, providing valuable insights to refine your work. 2518
Quickie - A one pass evaluation on your song with letter grades in each category and a quick yet informative summary to refine your song.1510
Rewrite – Follow-up with the same coach for a targeted re-evaluation of your song within 60 days of the initial feedback. Benefit from an additional look and continued guidance in refining your revised song.1510

Private Sessions with Industry Pros

Private Songwriting Sessions offer an additional way to receive personalized feedback on your songs and career guidance (1 credit = $1):

30-Minutes - Typically time for feedback on 1-2 songs or career questions about the music business.5040
60-Minutes - Typically time for feedback on 3-4 songs or in-depth career questions about the music business.9575

Exclusive Add-On: Special Event Pitch Opportunities

Our special event pitches offer exciting opportunities not normally available in our other pitch listings. Possibilities include "Staff Writer for A Day" "Golden Ticket Co-write with a Hit Songwriter," and other unique ways to open doors, broaden your horizons, and create once-in-a-lifetime memories. Additional cost may be required (1 credit = $1).