5 Surprising Benefits of Song Evaluations (aka song critiques)

  1. While it's more fun to demo your songs, pitch your songs and dream of the possibilities of a major label cut, professional songwriters know that the real work is in the writing and re-writing of the song itself. For most songwriters, it can be challenging to objectively assess their own work. That's where professional song evaluations come in. By seeking the expertise of experienced song evaluators and music industry professionals, songwriters gain valuable insights and feedback before spending money on demoing and pitching songs that could be easily improved. Here are the top five reasons why songwriters should consider getting a professional evaluation for their compositions. By the way, we prefer the term "song evaluation" over "song critique" since the latter implies that the main objective is to "criticize." We believe it's imprortant for all songwriters to know their song's strengths as well as areas for improvement.

    1. Objective Feedback: A professional song evaluation can provide you with unbiased and objective feedback on your song. This feedback can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your composition, lyrics, melody, and overall commercial potential. Getting a fresh perspective from someone who is experienced in evaluating songs can be invaluable in honing your craft and making each song the best possible. SongU.com has a great group of professional song evaluators and coaches comprised of hit songwriters, publishers, and A&R.
    2. Improvement Opportunities: A good song evaluator can help you discover the areas where you have room to grow as a songwriter. This feedback can help you refine your techniques, expand your songwriter toolbox, and help you develop your own unique voice as a songwriter.
    3. Market Relevance: A song evaluation by an industry professional can help you gauge the commercial viability of your song by providing insights into current industry trends. This information can be crucial in understanding how your song fits within the market and whether it has the potential to resonate with audiences or attract industry attention before you spend money on demoing and pitching your song.
    4. Song Strengths Identification: Sometimes, as a songwriter, it's difficult to objectively assess the strengths of your own writing. A professional evaluator helps you identify the standout elements in your song. Understanding your strengths as a songwriter can serve as a guide for your future creations and increase your chances of writing impactful songs.
    5. Networking Opportunities: Professional song evaluations often come from industry experts or reputable professionals in the music business. Receiving an evaluation from such individuals can open doors to valuable networking opportunities. You may also want to book private sessions with music producers, publishers, or other songwriters who can provide guidance, collaborations, or even potential avenues for getting your songs recorded or performed.

    Always make sure any song evaluations you receive come from a reputable site with experienced industry professionals, songwriters, and knowledgeable experts. It's always a good idea to read the member testimonials and inquire about any success stories.

    Good luck on your creative journey and we hope to see you "on campus" with us soon.

    Sara Light
    #1 Hit Songwriter, Tony-nominated Composer and Songwriting Educator
    President and Co-founder, SongU.com

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