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A Thought for the New Year. We all want to be understood, to be acknowledged, to be loved. Set an intention to write songs with those universal themes in mind.

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  1. TOP TIER of 2021! Looking back at a year of uncertainty, change, and challenges, our talented and determined international community of songwriters have so much to be proud of: Together, we participated in 262 live instructor-led song feedback workshops and courses, received over 1,200 coaching evaluations, and pitched over 9,400 songs! It's time to celebrate those of you who moved to the head of the class as we roll out the 2021 Top Tier Lists

    January Update. Live courses will resume on January 4th, 2022!

    General Registration and International Member Reminders. You may have 2 Active FDBK courses at one time, but can add a 3rd if there is still an open spot 24 hours before a course starts. Check your live Course schedule in case someone cancels during the week and a seat opens up. TO ALL, please delete your course from your Active courses page if you are not going to attend and have no song in your backpack. Thank you. International members, if there are any FDBK sessions you can not be present at due to a time-zone challenge, you can register to attend the session anyway. Just be sure to add your work-tape and/or lyric to your backpack and a note to the instructor for feedback on the recorded transcript. Also, be sure to look for our GMT-friendly meetings (between 1-3pm EST) during the week and on Saturdays for meetings that may fit your "live" schedule.

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Registration for song feedback and mentoring courses (FDBK) begins one-week prior to course time starting at 10:00 am ET. Limit 5 participants per session.

  1. Wed Jan 26, 2022 01:00 PM (ET) FDBK 288 Song Feedback and Mentoring II with Sara Light
  1. Thu Jan 27, 2022 01:00 PM (ET) FDBK 330 Song Production Feedback for Film-TV-Media with Queenie Mullinix
  1. Sat Jan 29, 2022 12:00 PM (ET) FDBK 135 Song Feedback and Mentoring with Randy Klein
  1. Mon Jan 31, 2022 08:00 PM (ET) FDBK 215 Christian Songwriters Feedback and Mentoring with Dallas Gregory

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