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Lite Member

$4.95/month • $14.00/quarter

  • Some stuff is included, but basically you pay for features you want to use when you use them using SongU.com Credits (1 credit = $1). Choose this if you only occasionally want song feedback, pitch 1 song a month, or are strapped for time/money. We get it.
  • $15 for a one hour session
  • 1 included each month, $5/song thereafter
  • $15 for a one hour course
  • Cool Extras

  • Quickie Evaluation - $13
    Rewrite Evaluation - $13
    Standard Evaluation - $23
  • 30 minute session - $50
    60 minute session - $95
  • 180 minute mentor co-write - $245
  • $13-$23 per song pitched for special event pitches.
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Platinum Member

$25.95/month • $75.00/quarter

(Bonus! Free Quickie Evaluation)

Lite Member

$4.95/month • $14.00/quarter


Song Feedback Sessions (Live)

Get live feedback on your songs and lyrics from hit writers and publishers in these small group interactive audio/video sessions. Sessions offered several times per week (including GMT-friendly times and recorded feedback for international members).

Pitching Opportunities with Guaranteed Listen (Street Pitch)

Pitch online directly through SongU.com to industry pros who are looking for songs for major artists, film/TV placements and ad agency campaigns. You will receive an email letting you know whether or not they are interested in your songs.

Additional Pitching Opportunities (Fast-Track)

Pitch online through SongU.com to artists, artist managers, and producers including both major and independent projects in the U.S. and overseas. If the guest expresses interest in pitching your song, you will receive an email. Note: Fast-Track pitches are exclusive to Platinum Members. However, Lite Members may use their one free monthly pitch opportunity for a Fast-Track pitch.

Free Loyalty Credits

As a thank-you, all Platinum members receive 3 SongU credits each quarter they remain a member beginning with the second quarter of membership.

Priority Early Registration
(for all "live" courses and feedback sessions)

Registration begins one week prior to any live course. Platinum members receive a 10-day registration period for their convenience.

Discount on Bulk Credits

Credits are used for purchasing at SongU.com with a simple formula of 1 credit = $1. Platinum members will receive a discounts when purchasing 25 credits or more.

Instructor-Led (Live) Courses

Participate live in the e-classroom with your peers. Music industry pros teach a variety of subjects ranging in scope from beginner to advanced. Can’t make a session? Meetings are recorded and audio/video transcripts are available for 30 days.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Courses

DIY and DIY-Video Recordings are available to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. Strengthen or tune up your songwriting skills at every level with both text-based and audio/video transcripts.

Personal Member Website

Every member gets a unique customizable member website with a personalized URL to professionally showcase and share your songs, photo, bio, and any other important information. See it in action (opens in a new window).

Coaching (written song evaluations)

Choose a professional songwriting coach. Submit your song and receive detailed written feedback, often within 48 hours.

Private Sessions 30 or 60 minutes

Want one on one attention? Select a Pro. Book your appointment. Meet online in real-time.

Pro Mentor Co-Writers

Experience a 3-hour guided co-writing session with a professional songwriter designed to help you to gain confidence and become more comfortable with the co-writing process.

Special Event Pitches

Special Event pitches provide opportunities outside of our regular pitches by giving you the chance to be selected to co-write with hit songwriters, become a staff-writer for a day, and more.

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