Songs by Brad_McKinney M.



  1. OFF DAY
    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Contemporary Country
    Tempo: Midtempo

    Additional Notes:
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    OFF DAY Kyle Jackson-Rachky, Brad McKinney, Kelly McKay Sunrise pourin’ in through the blinds You’re wakin’ up next to me lookin’ so fine Makin’ me wish that we had just a little more time And you don’t seem like you’re in a rush To go fillin’ up them coffee cups Why don’t we let the early bird catch the worm, girl, without us Let’s take some time off, shut our minds off Hit that alarm off girl when it rings again Turn the phones off, slip our clothes off Knock the sheets right off the bed Yeah the world can wait It’s ok We’re just havin’ an off day We’re just havin’ an off day We can still be working on our to-do list First thing on it is a long slow kiss Why take the day on when takin’ it off feels like this CHORUS 2X Contact: Brad McKinney 859-893-8146

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