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    John_Condrone72 C.
    Genre: Contemporary Country

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    Neon Stars © 2019 John Condrone / Sandy Ramos / Robert Meza / (865) 898-7301 VERSE There’s a cold beer sign flashin’ on the door Strings of pink and blue shinin’ down on the dance floor The band is playin’, you start swayin’, you pull me to my feet You know I can’t say no when you smile like that at me CHORUS Uh oh, there you go leanin’ into me just right Makin’ me high under this sky of tiny blinkin’ lights Uh oh, case you don’t know my heart’s already gone And these NEON STARS ain’t the only thing turned on VERSE It’s a heavenly night in this honky tonk world The crowd just disappears when you’re kissin’ on me girl The bar clock’s glowin’, girl I know it’s just a little past nine But the way I feel, wish it were closer to closing time REPEAT CHORUS BRIDGE I don’t know how you get to me this way All I know is one more slow song’s more than I can take REPEAT CHORUS TAG No, these NEON STARS ain’t the only thing turned on These NEON STARS…ain’t the only thing turned on

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