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    Genre: Novelty
    Tempo: midtempo

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    After winning a jingle contest for Sacramento's new Golden One Stadium, I was asked to play at the airport for arriving passengers during the Christmas holidays. The day before I was going to play, they told me I couldn't play any religious songs. This cut out everything from "Silent Night" to "Joy to the World." I wrote some original songs to round out my playlist.
    "Christmas in Sacramento" received a great response from the crowds. This year, I added a bridge and went into the studio to record it. I realized there was really no outlet for the song, but that little voice in my head wouldn't leave me alone until I recorded it. Local TV in Sacramento heard about it and had me on their local morning show as well as a featured spot on their special Christmas Show. The publicity started getting me more local gigs and put me in touch with some music publishers in the area. 
    If I hadn't taken the chance (and expense) to record the song, nothing would have happened. My many years at SongU taught me that nothing happens if you don't take a chance. I wish you the best in 2019 with the chances you take!
    I hope you enjoy the song!

    Christmas in Sacramento ©2018 Steve Bryant (VERSE 1) The Kings are at the Golden One, To win another game. The whole town’s really growing fast, It never stays the same. There’s Christmas tree at the Capitol, Another in Old Town. An hour up the Interstate, The snow is falling down. (VERSE 2) Christmas is a special time, In the City of the Trees. Shoppers don’t seem to mind, The cold December breeze. Decorations everywhere, From museums to the Zoo. And children can hardly wait, For Santa to get through. (CHORUS) Christmas in Sacramento Town, The lights at Cal Expo are glowing. Christmas in Sacramento Town, Our Sacramento pride is showing. (BRIDGE) From the Foothills to the Delta, You can hear the Christmas Bells ring. In perfect rhythm with the carols That you sing. (VERSE 3) The Kings, Republics and River Cats, Help make the city great. And all the first responders, Who never show up late. Christmas in Sacramento, I think you might have guessed. It’s the people here who make this town, One of the nation’s best. (REPEAT CHORUS)

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