Songs by John_Condrone72 C.



    John_Condrone72 C.
    Genre: Contemporary Country/Country
    Tempo: Upbeat

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    Sneak To The Creek First time, oh my, you were swinging from a tree vine Making a splash wearing nothin’ but a smile Pulled on over, girl I've got to hold ya Knew right then and there I had to make you mine Next few summers, oh what a bummer You were seeing someone else and I was seeing green But, that water’s calling, all I really wanted You and me and that country stream every night in my dreams Turn the key, fire it up, Throw that blanket in the back of the truck Give it gas and we’ll give it a whirl Wiggle them blue jeans off that butt, girl Pull over by the cottonwood A long, slow kiss will do us good Leave your inhibitions by the tree And SNEAK TO THE CREEK with me As luck would have it, reached out and grabbed it We started talking a little more and more Late last Friday, caught you looking my way I said, “Come on, girl, let’s slip out that door” (and we’ll) That country moon is shining through the clearing On the birds and the bees and all that they’ll be hearin’ Is me saying, “Oh oh oo wee, baby SNEAK TO THE CREEK with me” That muddy water’s making it so clear That I can’t wait till the weekend is here

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