Songs by Brad_McKinney M.



    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Contemporary Country
    Tempo: Uptempo

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    Three Bars Ago You slammed the door so hard you knocked the pictures off the shelf And I’m pretty sure the neighbors heard the names you called me when you left Now I mighta cried a tear or three Over the loss of you and me But I wasn’t bout to sit around and forget you all my myself CH First stop was a Chili’s for some suds and wings Got to watch the big game on a hundred inch screen Then a few doors down I got my beer pong on Beat all of Delta Kappa, guess my game was strong Last stop, Jim’s Karaoke For some pretty good Prince and even better Bon Jovi There was a time I cared you let me go But baby that was three bars ago Now I got all these new friends and girl it’s all thanks to you And there’s a redhead on my arm rockin a lower back tattoo I’m the most popular guy in town tonight Never was a social butterfly But I finally found my wings way back on Fifth Avenue (where it all started with) REPEAT CH Now if you'da hit me up back then I might still be in your arms I remembered you after one or two but that third one was the charm REPEAT CH

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