Songs by Brad_McKinney M.



    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Contemporary Country/Pop Country
    Tempo: Uptempo

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    Wastin’ Stars Kyle Jackson-Rachky, Kelly McKay, Brad McKinney First chill of September Yeah, it’s pull-you-closer weather Could this night get any better, I can’t wait to find out Is this real or am I dreamin’ Girl, I can feel you breathin’ Wouldn’t change a damn thing even if I could somehow The sky’s so bright tonight A million chances to make a wish But I got it all When I got you in my arms like this Lyin’ back, kissin’ on the hood of my car It’s a perfect night for wastin’ stars Wastin’ stars I could throw a penny in a fountain Go four-leaf clover countin’ Blow all my candles out an’ you’re still all that I’d want Don’t know how I got so lucky What I did to make you love me But I swear that there ain’t nothing gonna top what we got CHORUS 2X

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