Songs by Brad_McKinney M.



    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Contemporary Country
    Tempo: Mid/Up

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    The Movies Arkady Gelman/Brad McKinney/PJ Ju (ASCAP/Patricia Ju Publishing) Boy always gets the girl Ends up in a happy ending it’s a Fairytale world I was told to stop expecting every- Thing to be that good Ain’t no one do love like Hollywood Looks like, they were right CHORUS Our love is Deeper, deeper than a John Wayne sunset Hotter, hotter than Jack and Rose get Kissing slow, steaming up the windows Better, better than anything we’ve seen Ever, ever on a silver screen Yeah, they were right, this love ain’t like The movies Anywhere you are Is better’n any backlot Any old back road Makes the perfect backdrop For backseat loving Can’t beat our love it’s... CHORUS repeat 2x

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