Songs by Brad_McKinney M.



    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Country
    Tempo: Uptempo

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    One more shot Brad McKinney (Verse 1) You said goodbye Last Saturday Said you'd had enough of my drunken no-good ways I eased the pain best way I knew how I spent every hour of every day in every bar in town and I threw down one, by one, by one, by one (chorus) One more shot of Johnny Black One more thought of what we had One more shot of Johnny Blue chased with one more memory of you Now God knows what I'll have to do To get one more shot with you (Verse 2) I can't wipe away your parting words No matter what I do They say hindsight's 20-20 I'm a living 40 proof Said "It's either me or the alcohol so make up your damn mind" Now I'm dealin with the choice I made one shooter at a time and I throw down One, by one, by one by one by one by one (repeat chorus) (Bridge) Now if I'm lookin to get back to what we had I won't find it in the bottom of this glass (repeat chorus) Tag Oh, one more shot One more shot with you

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