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    Brad_McKinney M.
    Genre: Contemporary Country
    Tempo: Mid

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    Live that Song lyrics Brad McKinney/Joel Wayne (Verse 1) We laid there on southern ground Feelin like we owned the whole damn town Just watchin the stars in that summer sky Breathin in the heat of that mid July Your momma told you girl you better not be comin home too late Just then those speakers started pumpin a little George Strait you made her wait (chorus) Let's take it on back to that day Honey let that melody play put that baby on auto replay I wanna live that song with you Warm summertime breeze a blowin Them firefly tails a glowin Our jam on the radio and I wanna live that song with you (Verse 2) Fast forward one year, county fair In a ferris wheel about a million feet in the air That ol tub got stuck with us right up at the top You were scared to death so I pulled you in my arms Pretty little pulse a racin to the beat as the music played and the sounds of Sweet Home Alabama went runnin through our veins (Repeat chorus) (Bridge) Three simple chords and I'm right there by your side Ain't it funny how a little tune can turn back time (Repeat chorus) (Tag) Two hearts beating in three quarters time The best thing I've ever heard in my life I wanna live that song with you

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