Songs by Russ_Pruitt



    Genre: Christian
    Tempo: Mid-tempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions


    Forever Blessed Vs 1 If the mountains fall in the sea I won’t fear, I know my God’s protecting me If the stars ever cease to shine In the darkness, His Spirit will be my light Through eternity, I will always be… Chorus Forever blessed. Forever kept. Forever sheltered Here in His arms, I can’t be harmed Nothing could be better, Than knowing I’m His forever I’m forever blessed Vs 2 All around me is sinking sand But His Word is the Rock upon which I stand Earthly kingdoms may pass away But the treasures of heaven will never fade Oh what peace of mind, just to know that I’m… Repeat Chorus Bridge In every trial that life may bring Jesus my Savior will help me sing… Repeat Chorus Repeat Chorus Tag By: Russ Pruitt; © 2014 R. Pruitt; 1047 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-947-9033

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