Songs by Russ_Pruitt



    Genre: Christian
    Tempo: Mid Uptempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions


    Your Miracle Vs 1 The miracle that you’ve been waiting for Is coming into sight, that gift will soon be yours His Word is true, so claim your blessing now by faith Reach out and take God’s hand -- and rest in His embrace Chorus Just plant your faith deep in His Word – believe and know your prayer is heard And very soon now you will find your victory will come just in time For God is counting every move you make, and every step you take Will bring your miracle; your miracle to you Vs 2 The miracle you need is very near. Don’t think of giving up, and don’t give in to fear All heaven moved, the moment that your heart believed And angels were dispatched, to bring you sweet relief Repeat Chorus Bridge A dark cloud may be over you, but soon the sun will shine through So keep on walking on, singing that sweet redemption song Chorus (last 2 lines) End And when things have been made new Then you will realize, your miracle, Is -- Christ abides in you By: R. Pruitt 2014: R. Pruitt; 1047 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-464-9033;

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