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    John_Condrone72 C.
    Genre: Country

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    Dang girl © 2014 John Condrone/ Beau Fuller / (865) 898-7301 VERSE Parked my truck next to her daddy’s car He said, “Better have her home by twelve o’clock sharp” She jumped off that porch swing and walked across the yard When them headlights hit her looking that way All I could say was CHORUS DANG GIRL, whoa whoa whoa whoa You’re off the chain girl Do that thing that you do that Makes me wanna woo woo get with you More than anything in the world…..DANG GIRL VERSE She hopped on in, slid across that seat Squeezed that sexy, rockin’ body up against me Flashed those pretty green eyes ‘n made it hard to breathe Gave me a cherry chapstick kiss And the next thing off my lips was

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