Songs by Russ_Pruitt



    Genre: Gospel
    Tempo: Uptempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions


    Shout the Glory Down Vs 1 The call to prayer was given in that little country church The saints put holy armor on and looked to Jesus first The devil tried to stop their praise, but they would not be bound As the blessed saints began, to shout the glory down Chorus Praise and hallelujah, glory, glory to the Lamb Magnify His holy name -- He is the great I AM Blessed be the Son of God -- crown Him with many crowns Praise and hallelujah -- let's shout the glory down Vs 2 The brothers and the sisters were all swimming in God's love They took their eyes off things of earth and looked to God above As the preacher brought the Word, angels gathered round, To watch the saints of God, begin to shout the glory down Repeat Chorus Vs 3 There were many saved from sin to walk the narrow way Clouds of doubt were lifted in the light of God's new day Some began to testify: "Once lost but now I'm found." It happened when the saints began to shout the glory down Bridge We're marching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion; we're marching upward to Zion To shout the glory down (lift) Repeat Chorus Tag By: Russ Pruitt: 2225 High Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-353-0505; 740-464-7940 (cell) © 2008 Russ Pruitt; 2225 High Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-464-7940

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