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    Genre: Country
    Tempo: Up Tempo

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    Time’s Standing Still (Kirk) Life is short, yeah it goes so fast The world keeps spinning the days don’t last Yeah, once they’re gone babe you can’t get ‘em back All I wanna do is kick off my boots Wrap you in my arms, take you to our room We’ll be two young lovers under the covers like that Chorus: Yeah, I’m going to slow it down and do this right Baby this is going to take some time When it comes to you, I got time to kill When we’re lying down – Time’s Standing Still The sun’s going down on another day The summer’s gone and the leaves have changed Yeah like sand through the glass our time, is slipping away I’ll turn off the phone and baby lock the door I’m watching you, your dress hits the floor Yeah my hearts going crazy baby, I just can’t wait CHORUS Bridge: That sun is making it’s way through the bedroom window It’s shining on a brand new day I wake in the morning to your kiss Still taste the strawberries on your lips Yeah it don’t get any better baby, better than this CHORUS When we’re lying down – Time’s Standing Still Time’s Standing Still © Kevan Kirk

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