Songs by Russ_Pruitt



    Genre: Gospel
    Tempo: Uptempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions


    That Old Time Prayer Meeting Vs 1 We had to clap our hands when we heard that band, and that piano-man started to play Upon those black and whites and it was pure delight, as the call rang out: “It’s time to pray.” Then that choir began to sing “Sweet Beulah Land.” With one voice we were all praising the Lord. We lifted up our hands -- sang “Holy is the Lamb” It felt like God had come through the door Chorus At that old time prayer meeting, we got down to business, doin’ business down on our knees My Lord, what a feeling; we were singing, shouting, testifying, and God was pleased At that old time prayer meeting Vs 2 Not every soul was clean, but God intervened, and holy angels were camped all around Then like a rushing wind, the Holy Ghost came in, and filled the house, O what a happy sound! Then we heard a cry go up: “Forgive my sin.” And another said, “Oh Lord, help me now.” So we looked deep within, repenting once again We knew that we were on holy ground Chorus Bridge When the clock stood at six -- we’d figured out the devil’s tricks (lift) When the chimes rang out eight – no one said, “It’s getting late” (lift) When the hands reached eleven --- we were lifted up to heaven (lift) Repeat Chorus Tag By Russ Pruitt & Greg Tingler; © 2008 Pruitt/Tingler; 2225 High Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-353-0505 (H); 464-7940 (cell);;

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