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    Genre: Bluegrass
    Tempo: Uptempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions

    This song was a finalist in the 2007 CMT/NSAI Song Contest                                                                                                                          

    Glory Land Vs 1 I’ve lived a life of restless wandering, and I’ve always charted my own course Never caring, never giving, things just went from bad to worse Then I heard about King Jesus, and that He'd brought salvation's plan And if I trusted Him believing, He'd send His Angels when I die, and we'd fly To that glory land Chorus Glory land; that land so fair Father, Son and Holy Ghost are waiting for me there Saints and Angels singing, glory bells ringing Someday by grace I'll take my stand, in that glory land Vs 2 My sin was gone when I surrendered, and I learned to lean upon the Lord I became His willing worker, now we walk in one accord I’ve learned to pray and claim His promise; I try to do the best I can When tears fall down He sends His Angels, to take my spirit for a ride, up on high To that glory land Vs 3 Many years I’ve served the Savior, and He’s blessed me with a family By His will and His good pleasure, some day I’ll face eternity Doctor will say that I am dying; and I’ll hold my loved one’s hands Then I’ll sense a holy presence: Angels of God all standing by, for my flight To that glory land Chorus Repeat Chorus Tag By: Russ Pruitt; © 2007: Russ Pruitt; 2225 High Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-353-0505 (H); 740-464-7940 (cell);

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