Songs by JohnC C.



    JohnC C.
    Genre: Contemporary Country/Pop Country
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    Sam had a melody and we were looking through our hookbooks to see what matched up. I had Moonlighting and it fit perfectly with his melody and off we went.                         

    Moonlighting John Cirillo(ASCAP)/Sam Gyllenhaal(BMI)/Nicole Lewis(ASCAP) Sun sliding down a rusted sky Stars hanging just killing time We’re all waiting on it, waiting on it I’ll be waiting on you Hurry up, we got somewhere to be We’ll catch a ride on the evening breeze And sneak away Chorus: You and me moonlighting Out with the full moon shining Blackberry wine on a love drunk kiss Nothin’ better on a night like this Lost in a midnight moment Keep the feeling we got going Lay a blanket down on a summer night You and me, we’re gonna be moonlighting Gimme that sweet honey talking in my ear Nobody but the crickets hear Lay some loving on me, loving on me I’ll be loving on you Two shadows dancing round the dark The world’s sleeping and the night’s all ours Till sunrise Bridge: Baby let’s go moonlighting Out with the full moon shining © 2017

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