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    JohnC C.
    Genre: Contemporary Country/Pop Country
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    This was one of those songs that just developed organically. Sam brought in the melody and we started off using a different hook. After we wrote it, the hook didn't seem to measure up to the rest of the song and I threw out Fall Into You, which everybody agreed worked better.

    Fall Into You John Cirillo (ASCAP)/Sam Gyllenhaal (BMI)/Sarah Spencer (ASCAP) Spin a little Motown, watch the record go around, Red wine, paper cup Friday, Slow dancing on the patio Bonfire, backyard, hands moving in the dark, Leaning into every move I make. Let this go where it’s gonna go Chorus: Your lips, my skin Heating up, giving in We’re all trip wires and cherry bombs 3, 2, 1, yeah we’re taking off So high, full moon Night ends too soon I could get as close as you want me to I could fall, I could fall into you You and that heartbeat, make a damn mess of me, Dizzy like I’m spinning in circles, You could be my sweet addiction Move this show inside, add a little candlelight, We could make a habit of burnin Burnin down the weekend Fall into you, into you, fall into… © 2018

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