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    JohnC C.
    Genre: Inspirational/Pop Country/Adult Contemporary
    Tempo: Slow

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    I was at a Kacey Musgraves at the Ryman last year. Between the opening act of Sinclair and Kacey, it was a mix of beautiful songs, color and Sinclair talked about how hard it had been for her to come out as gay to her family, who basically disowned her. That all got mixed in my mind and I came up with the title and the chorus. Then I brought it to Craig and Tori and we finished it.

    A Million Colors John Cirillo (ASCAP)/Craig Lackey (ASCAP)/ Tori Martin (BMI) We could solve every problem in this world Wouldn’t be so tough If we woke up and finally realized All you need is love All kinds of love Chorus: Love’s a box of crayons A rainbow even in the rain Snowflakes through a prism No two are ever the same When you open up your heart and mind Can’t help but discover Hate only comes in black and white But love comes in a million colors Why don’t you be you, and I’ll just be me We can still get along Why can’t we all agree to disagree? Cuz different isn’t wrong No, it ain’t wrong CHORUS Bridge: Such a simple golden rule Letting kindness show Take a breath and just let All your judgements go CHORUS © 2019

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