Songs by JohnC C.



    JohnC C.
    Genre: Country/Neo-traditional
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    I went to a rodeo in a small town in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and then shortly after went and saw a local country band playing in a VFW in another small town. The hook, Middle of Somewhere, came to me and that's what we wrote about.

    Middle of Somewhere John Cirillo (ASCAP)/Sarah Spencer (ASCAP) Way out here in the middle of somewhere Nothing but static on the radio We got a local AM station And Miss Loretta on the stereo Oh, We ain’t missing nothing Saturday night at the VFW Do some dancing to a country band They’ll play every song by Alabama A little out of tune, but man There ain’t nothing better than Chorus: Living in the middle of somewhere Off the land and under God Don’t need a thing that we ain’t got Right here in the middle of somewhere On your map we’re just a dot But we don’t pretend to be who we’re not Ah, the good ol’ days are alive and well, Living free and clear out here, In the middle of somewhere I went to school with the rodeo queen Man, that girl could really ride She joined the army and saved the world Now there’s ribbons round every streetlight She’s coming home tonight [chorus] Bridge: Been to the city and I came right back They got nothing I need, Everything I want and everything I have Is right here under my feet. © 2018

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