Songs by JohnC C.



    JohnC C.
    Genre: Country/Neo-traditional
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    I was watching a Netflix show called, The Ranch, and they had a sign in the window of a bar in town and it said, No Business during drinking hours. I loved that and so that's what we used as the hook for the song.

    No Working During Drinking Hours John Cirillo (ASCAP) | Troy Castellano (SESAC) When you burn a candle at both ends All you get is wax and smoke Ya got bills to pay, dreams to buy Life ain’t no joke But when you come ‘round here You gotta leave that behind Grab a chair and just kick back Get a bucket on ice with a six-pack Chorus Cause’ there’s no working during drinking hours So put away, put away your super powers (Come on, get a little louder) No thinking till the sun comes up Trust me friend, there’ll be time enough (For a little workday love) Even God stopped to smell the flowers No working during drinking hours Not a clock in sight just some neon lights License plates on the wall Can’t hear yourself but the band’s alright Good times ‘til last call Shoot some pool Till those strangers become friends Keep your deadlines on the run Ain’t it fun getting nothing done © 2019

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