Songs by JohnC C.



    JohnC C.
    Genre: Country/Rockin Country
    Tempo: Uptempo

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    James, Troy and I got together for a co-write. We started throwing ideas and James had the idea of a guy getting in trouble for cheating when all he was doing was having a night out with the boys. We hit on the title Bonfire after we wrote the first verse and wrote the chorus to that hook.

    Bonfire Troy Castellano (SESAC)| John Cirillo (ASCAP) | James Durbin (ASCAP) It was a just little smoke, little whiskey With some Church on the Radio 7-card stud till the sun came up Being boys like the boys that you know When I pulled up the drive Saw that something ain’t right Couldn’t believe my eyes Chorus: Cause I rolled up on a bonfire Burning, turning Every last thing I own Into a bonfire Ashes to ashes Scattered all over the lawn She must’ve been thinking I was doing more than drinking Cuz now she’s raising hell Having herself a bonfire You can’t unstrike those matches As I’m watching that flame burn out She’s making kindling out of my Gibson She gone crazy now Sitting there smiling on the front porch With a Keystone light and a propane torch Having.. Chorus Bridge: Well I pulled up the drive Saw that something ain’t right Still can’t believe my eyes © 2019

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