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    JohnC C.
    Genre: Pop/Young Adult
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    The four of us got together a few months ago and were going through all our hook books. Tamara through out Comeback Kids. I loved the idea and put out some lyrics for the first verse and we all thought, woah, maybe we have something here. Tamara was the driving force with melody and we really leaned into the idea of giving young adults an anthem that they could relate to.

    Comeback Kids Craig Lackey(ASCAP) / John Cirillo (ASCAP) / Larry Vail (ASCAP)/ Tamara Laurel (BMI) Underdogs, wrong side of the streeters Against the wall fightin’ back kinda dreamers But we’re right where we wanna be Against the odds starin’ down the cheaters Stone cold band of believers But one day they’re all gonna see We’re still standing Chorus: Don’t count us out We’re strongest when we’re down You don’t wanna mess with a Tribe of misfits We’re at our best When we’re climbing out the trenches We’re the comeback We’re the comeback kids Strike a match and put em all together To build a fire that could burn forever Even hard times driving rain Can’t kill this flame Bridge: Hey Hey No matter what you say Can’t keep us quiet when we’re pounding on the gates Injustice Just watch us We don’t care how long it takes © 2020

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