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    JohnC C.
    Genre: Country
    Tempo: Midtempo

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    Jan and I got together to write a few years back. He came in with a melody that I thought was pretty cool. It was one of those songs where we didn't start off with a hook but followed the story of the verses. Pretty In Blue came to me as something that felt like it fit (way before "Blue Ain't Your Color" was ever released, by the way!). We brought it to Chip Martin to help polish it up and give it that boost up we felt it needed to be a finished song.

    Pretty In Blue John Cirillo(ASCAP) IPI#334682653 /Jan Essenburg (ASCAP) IPI# 838124632/Chip Martin (BMI) IPI# 353031796 I couldn’t help but notice You sitting here alone One eye on the front door The other on your phone Hey, what’s that you’re drinking? Is it a straight tequila night? I don’t know who hurt you And put the red in those green eyes (But) Chorus: You look pretty in blue Under the glow of a neon night I know that look and I think I might Know what you’re going through Girl, I’ve been there too If you don’t mind me saying so I just had to let you know You sure look pretty in blue If you feel like talking I’d love to sit with you a while Has anybody told you You’ve got the sweetest saddest smile Bridge: Don’t worry about your make up Sometimes tears are gotta fall If you need a shoulder I don’t mind at all © 2016

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