Songs by Ed Cawthon C.



    Ed Cawthon C.
    Genre: Contemporary Country/Country
    Tempo: Mid Tempo

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    Chuck Jones Is An Amazing Songwriter and Artist ! Van Booth is a Hero !!                                                                                                            

    My Brother Bo 9/8/17 A skinny red headed kid from South Carolina Packed dip in his lip and cherries in his moonshine He grew up quick on our second trip to Iraq He was funny as hell when the day was done Dead serious when he got behind that machine gun We were just like brothers always had each other’s back Everyday I'd tell him, “don't forget, son don't you dare get hit When you draw fire, run fast, you never know which day’s your last Keep your powder dry and that ginger (redneck) fool head low Stay strong, stay true, don't forget you're infantry blue He was one of the bravest boys I'll ever (you'll never) know My brother Bo When we got back home we were best of friends Wasn't long before we both reupped again I was reassigned, and Bo was Afghanistan bound He was movin’ up, puttin’ rank on his sleeve We were gonna get together on his next leave Next time I saw Bo was when we laid him in the ground With three months left he was KIA I bet the last thing they heard him say was Repeat Chorus Oh I miss him so Repeat Chorus

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