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    Genre: Country/Contemporary Country
    Tempo: midtempo

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    I've always liked James Dean and I pictured this guy looking and acting tough but really being a softy at heart. It's a contemporary kind of story song that shares a dose of the real world. Gotta have some rain for a rainbow.

    Forget You Pat Aureli Intro V1: I still remember that little gold locket swinging sexy round your neck Blonde hair blowin', tears flowin', pretty blue eyes turned red You said we were through at that Route 40 truck stop Slammed the door an’ crushed my heart When you threw your ring through the window of my car The last thing you said... Chorus: Forget you__ I just need to Forget you... May take a little time to erase this tattoo… of… you…offa my mind Ain't no drug or drink gonna help me get through I just need to Forget you...whoa-oh, oh-oh-oh__ Forget you (spoken) (Break) V2: After that night Girl you dropped outta sight, I never knew the reason why You weren't even showin', I had no way of knowin' that little baby boy was mine Can’t believe he’s ten…says his prayers every night, Prob’ly tells himself again and again... Chorus: Forget you__ I just need to Forget you__ All I ever wanted was a little bit of time For games and birthdays and a Dad to call mine Ain’t gonna miss someone I never knew__ I just need to Forget you__ Yeah, yeah forget you (spoken) Post Chorus: Forget you I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don’t wanna Forget you__ Bridge: Girl why can’t we all just start all over again 'Cause I could never in a million years Tag Forget you¬¬__ I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna Forget you__(2x) ©2016 Pat Aureli, Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI Contact: Pat Aureli, 207-251-8313

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