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    Genre: Contemporary Country/Country
    Tempo: Mid tempo

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    I live in an area of Maine that is known for it's prized bass fishing and I've been fishing since I was about 7 years old. There used to be a tiny bait shop that I drove by every day called "The Bass Hole" and this was the first thing that sparked the idea for this song. I pitched it to a couple of co-writers and they didn't come onboard for one reason or another, but I just had to write this song. I really loved the way Paul Overstreet and Rory Feek penned Blake Shelton's big hit "Some Beach" and that song also inspired me to write this one.  I hope you enjoy it.

    Bass Hole Pat Aureli Intro… (Yeah) V1: Got my tackle box and fishin' pole Rattlin' down this dusty road Towin' my boat behind my ol' pickup truck Swayin' to the radio – Goin’ where nobody knows Headin' to my favorite spot to try my luck Cooler of ice and Bud Light Dreamin' about watchin' 'em bite Outta nowhere comes an S.O.B. flyin' by in an SUV Before I know – it he's side-swiping me CH: Bass hole Aw, bass hole But it won't be long til I'm droppin’ a line And everything’ll be just fine At that big ol' bass hole V2: I'm launchin' my boat out on the lake Hopin' I'm not runnin' too late Thinkin' about reelin' the big one in Old coffee can filled with bait - a tug on the rope is all it takes That motor’s hummin' – got me wearin' a grin Tossin' the anchor, poppin' a top Ready to cast and let my bobber drop A jet skier whizzes by (gotta be) doin' sixty-five I'm barely hanging on just tryin' not to – capsize CH: Bass hole Aw, bass hole But it won’t be long til I'm dropping a line And everything’ll be just fine At this big ol' bass hole V3/half: Finally I got a bite The biggest dang fish of my life Jumpin' five feet straight up in the air He put up a helluva a fight -- then he snapped my pole and the line I tripped and fell in and all I could do was swear CH: (Repeat 2x) Tag: Whoa-oh-oh-oh big ol' bass hole Whoa-oh-oh-oh Man, what a bass hole -- Hey, yeah__ Man, what a big ol’ bass hole Bass hole ©2016 Pat Aureli, Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI Contact: Pat Aureli, 207-251-8313

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