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    Genre: Country/Contemporary Country
    Tempo: mid tempo

    Note to Instructor:
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    I had a picture in my head of a tiki beach bar and surfer dudes hanging out and sat down with the amazingly talented Danny Myrick and this song flowed out like water from a pitcher. It was so much fun to write.

    HANG TEN MY FRIEND Pat Aureli and Danny Myrick Tiny beachside tiki bar An old gray beard talking scars Pointing at a surfboard in the sand Paint-spattered old jukebox Nothin' but Marley, it never stops Bikini girls in search of a perfect tan I listened as he talked about flying and falling and Jesus and water Smiling as he said… (Chorus) When you finally catch the wave you want you better ride it Even if the tide gets a little too rough, don't fight it. Just lose yourself out on that board See what the ocean has in store Open your mind find your peace within Hang ten my friend Well I rolled my eyes took another sip Thought that dude's one helluva trip But I guess it takes all kinds of kinds The more I heard the more I thought maybe He might not be sun-baked crazy And maybe there's some treasure for me to find So I ordered one more beer just so I could sit and hear His gospel of the surfboard one more time (Repeat Chorus) (Solo) (Bridge) Just got the word he's gone Sat down and wrote this song A little truth to pass along (Repeat Chorus) (Tag) May the thrill never end Hang ten my friend ©2015 Patricia Ann Aureli, Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI ©2015 Danny Myrick, Danny Myrick Music, Round Hill Music, BMI Contact: Pat Aureli, 207-251-8313

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