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    Genre: Country/Contemporary Country

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    This was a super fun write with Todd Dickinson and Marty Dodson...Ya gotta bring your "A" game to write with these guys. Summer night memories always seem to be fresh in your mind, don't they? Singer Kaci Bolls who did the vocals for us, brought the summer sizzle!

    Grass Stains Pat Aureli, Todd Dickinson and Marty Dodson (V 1) Well it was a one of a kind, blow your mind, Remember forever kinda summertime. Seventeen, walkin’ the line between, A girl and a girl gone wild And then Hot Damn!(Then I saw a hot man in) Long hair and sun tan Thinkin’ back I know I shoulda ran From those baby blues, I looked straight into Cause that's when the trouble began All I’m sayin’ is a starlit meadow at night, Ain't the place you wanna be wearin' white… ‘cause (CHORUS) Grass stains, are hard to explain, When ya told your momma ya'll were at the Dairy Queen. But his Watermelon Jolly Rancher kissable lips, Sent chills from my toes to my fingertips... I had a, countried up mid-summer nights dream Til my momma went and spotted them fresh green Grass Stains (V2) Well she grounded me For three long weeks But she went and washed away all the evidence She said you know your daddy’d kill you If he ever found out But between you and me I know how them Grass stains are hard to explain Grass stains are hard to explain (Cold stop) Rock it momma (REPEAT CHORUS) (BRIDGE) I was over my head under the light of the moon, On the ground in his arms that night If I’da slipped on some plain old blue jeans Everything woulda been alright (REPEAT CHORUS) (TAG) I still remember those damn things… All them Grass Stains ©2016 Patricia Ann Aureli, Whole Lotta Pina Coladas Music, BMI ©2016 JackTodd Dickinson, BMI ©2016 Marty Dodson, BMI Contact: Pat Aureli, 207-251-8313

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