Songs by Russ_Pruitt



    Genre: Gospel/Progressive Southern Gospel
    Tempo: Slow to Mid-tempo

    Note to Instructor:
    No special instructions


    Comin’ Home Vs 1 He’d been wonderin’ for a long time, if the Lord would take him back Since his dreams of greener pastures had all faded into black But a light in a window --- just round the bend Began to shine to help him find his way back home again Pre-Chorus 1 Life had built him up to let him down But when he saw that open door his tremblin’ voice cried out Chorus I’m so tired, ashamed ‘n all alone Not proud of what I’ve done; but I’ve reaped just what I’ve sown Layin’ down my heavy load; gettin’ off this broken road -- today Lord --- I’m comin’ home Vs 2 Heaven knows where he’d wandered; from freedom to regret But the pain he’d been feelin’ brought him where the Lord and him first met When that choir started singin’ -- “Just As I Am.” It took his mind to better times, and the peace he’d once had Pre-Chorus 2 Stepped out into that aisle and bowed his head Hadn’t prayed in years; through bitter tears he said: Repeat Chorus Bridge Maybe like him you’ve been thinking, it’s no use, it’s just too late But look ahead on the road, where your Father waits Repeat Chorus/Tag By: Russell Pruitt ; © 2014 Russell Pruitt (ASCAP); 1047 Kinneys Lane, Portsmouth, OH 45662; 740-464-9033;

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