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Overland Park, KS

  • Member Since: 04/14/2005
  • Main Genre: Singer Songwriter
  • Other Genre(s): Americana, Celtic, Contemporary Country, Country, Folk, Instrumental, Pop, Rock, Singer Songwriter, Film/TV/Media
  • Instruments: Guitar, Mandolin
  • Other: Home Recording, Co-writing experience, Gigging (performance), Vocals (Harmony)
  • Collaborates: Yes

Welcome to my yearbook page on songu.com. I'm a songwriter/performer, currently playing solo gigs and as guitarist/vocalist with Americana/Coffeehouse Rock trio "Them Guys."

Member Bio

Started playing guitar twice and quit twice, before finally starting and sticking with it at age 14. Wrote my first song around the same time, but due to my limited chord knowledge then, it sounded suspiciously like "Louie, Louie!" Played trumpet and tuba in high school and college and majored in music education for two years before wandering off to join the service.

Over the years, I've played solo acoustic gigs, bass in a jazz big band in college, lead & rhythm guitar and vocalist in rock, pop and variety bands. Throughout that time, I continued to write in whatever genre I happened to be performing. I'm also writing and playing guitar in a recording project with my sons Nick and Sean called "Gregorian Chance" (http://www.reverbnation.com/gregorianchance). We're kind of a cross between 80's Euro-pop and progressive rock. In addition to all of that, I'm continuing to write in whatever genre ideas pop-up.