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Brad Yunek

Sandpoint, ID

  • Member Since: 06/10/2009
  • Main Genre: Contemporary Country
  • Other Genre(s): Christian, Christian Contemporary (CCM), Contemporary Country, Country, Folk
  • Instruments: Guitar, Harmonica, Piano/Keyboard
  • Other:
  • Collaborates: Yes

I have been writing songs for a long time. I continue to write, and re-write in the pursuit of having commercial success. Maybe you can connect to some of my music. I currently have 5 singles for sale on CDBaby. If you would like to purchase any of them, you can go to my Facebook page (Brad Yunek musician/band) and direct link at the "Music Store" widget. You can also go directly to ITunes, or Amazon to purchase them. Thanks, and may God continue to bless America!

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