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"I want to take a minute and thank you for your site. Not blowing smoke. Everything about your site is first class. Iíve enjoyed the opportunities to pitch and the things Iíve learned from SongU.com."
-- Steve B., CA

"A friend of mine introduced me to SongU.com. Quite frankly, I don't know what I would have done without it. This site, Sara, and Danny have been a Godsend. Thank you so much for believing in us enough to start SongU.com. You're wonderful!"
-- Tina T., TN

"I absolutely love SongU.com I've been with them for years and it just keeps getting better. Personal relationship, best teaching around, evaluation to take you to the next level, and pitching opportunities. What else could you ask for?"
-- Heidi M., GA

"Thank you for all you've done and continue doing for a wanna-be songwriter like myself. SongU.com has always been that beacon of hope and that faith that, if everyone else can do it, so can I."
-- Macy M., United Kingdom

"SongU.com is a class act. The feedback, classes, coaching, and support, are all first class. Thanks for keepin' it 'classy'."
-- Steve P., TX

"It just gets better and better!! Thank you all at SongU.com."
-- Noel R., San Juan, PR

"I am a member of several other songwriter organizations, but none of them have done as much to help me develop my craft. I learn about the commercial side of songwriting with these long-distance friends I have at SongU.com, and with coaches scattered around the country!"
-- M.E., NY

"When I started with SongU.com, my knowledge of songwriting was almost nil. In three years, through the courses and coaching, I have reached the point where I am now proud of my craft and actively pitching songs. Thank you, SongU.com."
-- Tammi M., CO

"SongU.com is a wonderful opportunity for international songwriters to get in touch with the best instructors and courses in the music industry, as well as the red carpet to getting your songs heard by the industry professionals. You will really feel you are going somewhere as a member of SongU.com, no matter which level you start out from!"
-- Magne K., Denmark

"I love SongU.com! It has helped me in so many areas to improve my writing skills. A bonus is the comradery with other writers online. We have only good things to say about SongU.com. We all love it. Thanks Danny, Sara and Martin from one of your first members."
-- Joyce M., TN

"Really happy with SongU.com. Have made some amazing contacts from it and gained a tremendous amount of valuable information. You guys do a great job!"
-- Abby M., IN

"As a writer from a small community these feedback sessions are literally the only feedback I can get on my songs. What a difference it has made for me. Thanks."
-- Heather C., Alberta, CA

"Really enjoy SongU.com! No other music site compares in learning and making real progress in this industry!"
-- Christopher W., TX

"Thank you again for connecting me with my current coach. I was lucky enough to be invited to his songwriter's retreat in Texas. It was a real "write-up" situation for me, and with the help of what I've learned through SongU.com, I was able to hold my own with the big boys."
-- Ed W., TX

"I know for sure I have found a supportive community at SongU.com. I really can't tell you how much it has helped."
-- Melanie J., KY

"I really feel like I'm getting one-on-one attention, and I'm clearing up questions that I wouldn't really have answered if I was reading a textbook."
-- Brian P., NY

"A great place to let your career get started!"
-- Jason G., MD

"It's dark and quiet here in South Africa at 3 in the morning. I log in to SongU.com and suddenly I'm in the USA, early evening classes, with a bunch of friends all running to classes, greeting each other, swapping stories, learning, growing, sharing. It's my home away from home."
-- Richard F., South Africa

"I find when I'm getting stagnant with my songwriting, I can view or review a course and instantly I'm motivated to write. I really appreciate the help SongU.com provides!"
-- Bob W., WA

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me Bob Clay as a co-writer for the Spring/Fling challenge. He is so great as a songwriter. He helped me so much in my songwriting. I've been going through my songs and correcting the many mistakes that I know now I made and enjoyed very much working on them. I'm so glad I'm a member of this site. Thank you for the help you give to songwriters."
-- Mary A., TX

"I was blown away at my private session with emmy award winning songwriter Michele Vice-Maslin. She is an amazing teacher, coach and mentor. I feel very supported, directed, and excited about my music career. Her expertise and enthusiasm are so motivating. To have access to such excellent heart-centered industry pros is a priceless gift that SongU.com offers. I am so impressed with the website, the courses, the quality of teachers, topics, and excellent customer service! If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be WOW! This was clearly created by people who love music, care about songwriters, and have great connections in the music industry! Thank you SongU.com, you truly ROCK!"
-- Jenn A., CA

"Thank you for the encouragement. Thanks for all you do for us aspiring writers. You have a great site. I don't know how I got along without it."
-- Randall J., AL

"So very excited to report that we just signed our very first single song contract!...I can not fully express what SongU.com means to me! I, like so many other writers who live outside of the music centers am truly blessed to have found SongU.com. It IS one of my primary connections to Nashville! Thank you Sara, Danny, and Martin. It is an incredible thing that you have built in this community we call SongU.com!"
-- Brad Y., ID

"A word of thanks. I was having trouble accessing audited classes (endless "buffering"). You suggested letting the class download while I did something else. I had it going during prayer time, and when I came back a couple hours later, the hour-long class played without a hitch. Thanks for the advice. Slow DSL and creaky computer overcome, thanks to your advice."
-- Sister K., ME

"Now that I've found SongU.com, I'm so excited I have the opportunity to learn from a great group of teachers! I've never had the opportunity to have somebody teaching me songwriting on a daily basis. SongU.com does that in the easiest and most convenient way. Thanks so much for putting all this together."
-- Juan A., IN

"I really like SongU.comís fast responses and the quality answers. It makes me feel that SongU.com really cares about their members."
-- Garry E., IN

"It's a no brainer really. Why would you not join SongU.com? I could go on for a page how great I think SongU.com is, and what it has done for my writing, not to mention feeling part of a great songwriting community. Thank you so much Danny and Sara, and all the coaches and instructors."
-- Fiona B., New Zealand

"I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate SongU.com. Itís the next step I needed in my songwriting journey. I had previously tried to get in contact with song pluggers, and all they did was criticize me and tell me that I needed to take their coaching classes (for lots of money!) before they would work with me. Your mentors (especially Alan Roy Scott) have been respectful, encouraging and wonderful. So, you are doing great things! Thank you so very much."
-- Abby M., IN

"I'll definitely keep pitching through SongU.com. It's such a great resource, and everyone involved so hugely helpful, informative and kind. So just keep doing whatever you are doing because it definitely shines!"
-- Denise W., FL

"Living far from Nashville, I knew that a great online music education site would be important to my development as a writer. I researched and joined several music communities, but was never satisfied until I found SongU.com For me, it's the best music education site out there."
-- Germain B., ON

"It is truly a pleasure to be a part of this community, I've connected with some lifetime collaborators and friends, and have learned so much! Thank You!"
-- Shirley G., TX

"I have never been to any website where so much is done for the members as SongU.com!"
-- Silje H., Norway

"SongU.com has enabled me to take my lyric writing from a dream to a reality! The courses are easy to understand and to do. The instructor-led courses are taught by the finest teachers who are knowledgeable, friendly, and take seriously what they're sharing. There are also other benefits such as coaching, feedback classes, and pitching; SongU.com is the best investment I ever made in my songwriting career!Thanks everyone at SongU.com!"
-- Danny B., GA

"Needless to say, the Dow Jones Industrial Average might not be doing too well, but as a songwriter, my stock in SongU.com has gone way up! Great coaching, superb feedback, and a valuable education The folks at SongU.com care about you and your goals!"
-- Steven P., TX

"I did want to let you know what a valuable resource SongU.com is, and how much I appreciate all the opportunities you have created here for aspiring songwriters. Thank you so very much."
-- Inglath C., VA

"Y'all are my favorite people to work with."
-- Johannah R., NJ

"You guys have done a tremendous job with SongU.com. The e-classroom and writing room are brilliant. Keep up the good work!"
-- Dan T., PA

"Hands down, SongU.com is my go-to resource!"
-- Brad Y., ID

"You are a fantastic organization. I have learned so much about the craft of songwriting through your educational courses, and my songs have benefitted hugely from the professional evaluation service. Thank you for being!"
-- Lorraine C., Australia

"SongU.com courses have played a critical role in my development as a songwriter. Their pitch opportunities helped me land my first cuts. If you're serious about songwriting, take a serious look at SongU.com and sign up today!"
-- Pat K., VT

"I have only great things to say about SongU.com, Sara, Danny, and everyone involved. I learned so much from you all! Thank you for all you do."
-- Danny B., GA

"Great educational avenue for aspiring song writers."
-- Sandy C. , Canada

"Thanks for your vision and desire to make top-notch songwriting resources, courses, and opportunities available for songwriters worldwide at the click of a mouse!"
-- Jenny H., NE

"Your site is a treasure trove of information and opportunities. I'm glad I've found SongU.com!"
-- Shaun T., Australia

I just wanted to say thanks for providing such great opportunities to those of us outside of Nashville. You guys helped me improve my writing enough to get a Top 10 American Idol contest song a couple of years ago as a brand new writer. Now, you got a song of mine into Reba McEntire's hands! I submitted the song to my Coach for a critique. She loved it and asked me to email it to her because she wanted to pitch it to Reba. This would have been utterly impossible without the opportunities provided by SongU.com. How could some Southern California busy lawyer possibly create the relationships necessary in Nashville to get a song to an artist like that? Only one way: SongU.com. I have referred several people to you and will continue to do so. Your services are truly invaluable to me. I have also signed several songs with one of your ongoing publisher pitch guests, and we are on hold with an artist from Belgium, Tatyana Storm. I am thrilled. Thanks so much for what you offer. I cannot say enough about how perfect SongU.com is for a guy like me.
-- Perry S, CA

"I can't get enough of all the information available on the website. Learning so much, just loving it."
-- Alex M., NY

"Thank you SongU.com is a blessing!"
-- Don E., NC

"I have researched songwriting and music sites extensively. I don't know how you could do it much better than SongU.com. It is creative excellence, and it is maintained very professionally. When I started five years ago, I was as "raw" as they come. I simply had a few title ideas and my own personal enthusiasm. Today, I have a few song cuts! I may not go onto become a staff writer at a Major Label or a professional writer with several hits, but I have grown immensely. I believe I can do this now because of the SongU.com infrastructure. Like a good athletic coach, SongU.com puts their "team members" in the best possible position they can to succeed. It's all there for anyone to take it to the next level."
-- Dan R., PA

"Thank you so much for the info. You guys are so thorough in all that you do!"
-- Michael R., NM

"Keep up the great work!!! It's a pleasure and an honor to be among such great mentors."
-- Michael S., PA

"I see you've added the option to email a song evaluation to a co-writer! Thank you so much. You guys are the best!"
-- Donna O., MO

"SongU.com has opened up so many unbelievable doors for me."
-- Gene R., TN

"I've signed up and am loving SongU.com! Thank you all. It is super to feel part of a helpful community of like-minded people, as it is easy to feel isolated in my small town in this small country at the end of the world!"
-- Radha S., New Zealand

"The techniques are simple, yet powerful."
-- Tom C., CT

"Really, you guys are great!!"
-- Rita W., OH

"You never cease to amaze me! You are so thoughtful and patient to answer all my questions and give me guidance. I'm so†thankful and glad†to have become a part of SongU.com, and to have met all the fine people here. I wouldn't be where I am in my songwriting career without you guys!"
-- Danny B., GA

"I love the classes! One can learn a lot in just a little time. I also love the fact that everyone seems so close! Instructors and students recognize each other in chats and on the discussion boards."
-- Jamie M., MO

"SongU.com continues to be the Absolutely Best Songwriting Site on the World Wide Web. SongU.com rocks!"
-- Bob C., MD

"Just wanted to say thanks for allowing me to have hope for publishing my songs in a practical way. As a taxi driver, I can't devote too much time per week on my SongU.com education, but I am constantly amazed at the opportunity you guys give."
-- Brad H., OH

"Thanks so much! I'm so proud to be a part of SongU.com!"
-- Danny B., GA

"I love what Iím learning at SongU.com, and canít believe how much itís helping me grow in a short time."
-- Jessica K., WA

"Great site and great commitment to the art/vocation of songwriting. I have never been involved with a group that looks at every angle of songwriting so thoroughly. I'm very excited about connections and possiblities for my music thanks to you."
-- Scott S., NJ

"I have to tell you I am LOVING SongU.com. The Feedback sessions are a blast. All the instructors are so different in their approach, yet always sincere in their effort to help - whether with a kick in the pants, or a hug for a fragile ego. I'm finding the Pitching option is a great motivator; it's kind of like having a deadline every month. The Tech course with Fett, Lyrics with Sara, Melody with Jai, a Private consultation here and there when I think I'm getting close, connections for pro demos: I'm thousands of miles away and have never felt such support for my craft."
-- Van P., Canada

"As a publisher, I receive a lot of songs in the mail. I have found the best advice is to join SongU.com. This is one of the best resources that I know of for aspiring singer/songwriters. Thanks for putting it all together. I love the courses and the feedback I receive from your coaches."
-- Lonnie G., WA

"Thanks to SongU.com I just signed a single song publishing agreement with a major plugger/publisher in Nashville. SongU.com is a vehicle to get my songs heard by the music industry at an affordable cost. Thanks SongU.com!"
-- Lance S., WA

"Thanks Sara. That'll be 3 songs picked up via SongU.com in the year I've been with you guys. I have been telling my songwriting friends about SongU.com too."
-- Tony T., Canada

"I have been a SongU.com member for only about 8 weeks and have already had a song picked up at SongU.com...what a great feeling. Good luck to all the other writers out there."
-- Tony T., Canada

"These coaches you have do great evaluations. I've had quite a few songs evaluated from other places in past years, and SongU.com simply blows them away. Thanks for selecting great people. I mean that!"
-- Ben C., OH

"What a great discovery this has been for me. I've realized my dreams of writing songs, improving my techniques, writing with people across countries, and the immense scope to get better and better. Thank you SongU.com for the opportunities you provide in this friendly yet professional place!"
-- Lovie D., India

"New to SongU.com, this was my first live feedback course. I found it very easy to participate, and the links were simple to follow. I'm a member for only a few weeks, but I'll be here for life! Thank you."
-- Denise D., FL

"Thank you so much for giving me the ability to get such wonderful feedback from industry pros. I am very motivated now, and these type of special event opportunities are priceless."
-- Steven R., NC

"SongU.com offers incredible opportunities for songwriters at all levels, from education and coaching to pitching. Not only are SongU.com's courses helpful, the support staff has always been very responsive. The pitch opportunities are impressive. I can completely endorse SongU.com. They excel in every way."
-- Donna O., MO

"Again, another excellent course from SongU.com. I couldn't stop after taking the Pre-Production course. Knowledge is a beautiful thing! Thanks SongU.com!"
-- Sajada W., NY

"I am happy with the classes and what I have learned from them. I also enjoy SongU.com very much. It is most definitely a great value to me. The instructors and coaches are very good. They have been there and know what it takes for us students to get there."
-- James H., IL

"Recently did my first co-write in 35 years with Amelia B. We were set up for the SongU.com 'Over and Under Challenge'. It proved to be very rewarding and was actually FUN! Though we're both pretty independent writers, we've left the door open for future co-writes. Thanks for the match-up. Thanks again for creating SongU.com and continually moving forward."
-- Bill D., WA

"Once again, I can only repeat that I'm astonished at your persistence in doing everything possible to make me feel a valued member of SongU.com, and also a personal friend. I appreciate that very much indeed. Thank you!"
-- Graham A., U.K.

"The analysis of my song by the instructor really helped me to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a songwriter. I also understand now that songwriting is a much more complex profession than I previously thought."
-- Ricardo S., Mexico

"Every day I am so impressed and thankful for SongU.com. Dan R. and I are coming up with some cool collaborations with other musicians. The virtual value that SongU.com brings to the table is unparalleled in the industry: professionalism, preparation and disciplines a songwriter needs to advance their craft. Thanks a bunch!"
-- Michael S., PA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful job you are doing. So many of us songwriters are gaining valuable info and access to professionals we otherwise may never have."
-- Barbara W., TN

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for including the examples. Explanations were fluent,to the point, and thorough. Up until now, I felt like I had been working in a vacuum. You guys are awesome!"
-- Lisa J., United Kingdom

"Since joining SongU.com, I have taken many courses that have immediately helped improve my writing skills. I have met tons of great new friends to write with, and even had a couple songs get picked up in a non-exclusive publishing deal. Thanks Danny and Sara, you're the best!"
-- Lee J., CO

"You have done wonders with your SongU.com courses. I can't think of anything you have not included. Well done, Danny, your integrity shows through it all."
-- Dolores O., WA

"SongU.com has been like having family in the music business. During my first year with SongU.com, I've achieved 3 "Best of" songs, a publishing deal, and a music placement. The coaching has been invaluable, the courses amazing, and the co-writers and faculty have become friends. SongU.com is required equipment in any songwriter's toolbox."
-- Arnie D., CT

"SongU.com is turning my songwriting into more than just a dream. It gives me direction and vital information."
-- Geoffrey K., TX

"In the few short months I've been a member of SongU.com, I've gotten better feedback on my songs and better pitch opportunities than from any other site I belong to. I would highly recommend SongU.com to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and develop relationships within the community. Cheers to you guys!"
-- Claire U., TN

"I am really enjoying the classes I've taken, as well as chat sessions with others. I've found that since I started with SongU.com, I've increased my creativity and production of writing."
-- Joyce S., PA

"Pre-SongU.com, I attended pitch nights in NYC and wondered what the secret was to having a song chosen by a publisher. Post-SongU.com, I've attended two recent pitch nights and have had 4 out of 6 publishers walk away with my songs in their pocket. When one publisher complemented the lyrics, I told him that was thanks to #168, 1666, 1667, 506, 2368, 2537, 2240, 2062 AND Helen. I think the guy thought I was giving him my secret lotto numbers. Little did he know, I was. Thanks to each of you for your investment in our dreams, and for introducing us to this amazing community of kindred spirits."
-- M.E. M., NY

"I find SongU.com a friendly resource for songwriting knowledge not easily found without living in, or visiting frequently, a music city."
-- Carol C., KS

"Learning a lot. SongU.com is excellent. Doing my first feedback course tomorrow. I'm excited!"
-- Wayne M., Canada

"Thank you for the referral to Coach #6732. It worked out perfectly. The Coach knew what the song "Sacraments" was about and offered guidance in melodic contrast, which I need to work on, and insights into song structure if the song should ever be recorded. Thank you!"
-- Sister K., ME

"With three kids and many commitments, I would not be able to fit this into my life if it weren't online and if it weren't flexible. Thank you for this site and for what it has opened up in me again."
-- Kelly R., WI

"SongU.com is a wonderful resource for songwriters. I love it."
-- Meaghan M., WA

"I really appreciate your feedback, advice, and professionalism. You folks are actually pretty awesome."
-- Jim P., MT

"SongU.com offers something that I have not found anywhere else: music industry feedback and opportunities and education that is not based around proximity. I think it's wonderful."
-- Angela P., MI

"Thank you so much for putting your time and effort into one of the most amazing songwriting sites on the planet!"
-- Shelley J., Canada

"This is so exciting for me that our song, WAS HIS, (me and Eugenia) made it to Penny's compilation through Song U.com. Thanks so much for being the stepping stone to take the song forward."
-- Carol C., KS

"Thanks for all your help. You guys are great!"
-- Marco G., Germany

"Thank you for providing the alternative options for accessing the course. I had trouble with all of my technology tools at the last minute, but was able to call in when I was not able to join the class any other way. It was great. Thank you!"
-- Stacy Y., FL

"SongU.com has always been a great resource for me as a songwriter and also as a publisher. You and your staff always do a top-notch job, and you are always finding new ways to create value for your members."
-- Robert P., TN

"Thank you for your positive and helpful response. It's what I have come to expect from SongU.com, and why I am still a member and have no plans to leave."
-- Alex H., United Kingdom

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